Mental Health: Let’s Get Informed

Mental Health: Let’s Get Informed

Are you wanting to learn more about what is – and isn’t – good mental health?

Do you want tips to improve your own mental wellbeing?

How about support to keep yourself feeling well, as well as practical advice on supporting those around you?

Then you’re in the right place!

I write as someone who has overcome their own mental health issues to become a qualified counsellor and coach. I also work to support people with a variety of psychological and neurological conditions.

It’s difficult to access support around mental health, with services becoming increasingly stretched due to higher numbers of clients. This leads to longer waiting times and numerous hoops to jump through.

Furthermore, it can be difficult to make sense of the services available, and doing your own research can be confusing. There is a lot out there written for academics – but people want straight-forward and easy to use information. This is what I hope to provide.

No nonsense information, with practical advice and guidance which everyone can use.

So stick around and let’s work together for a happier life.