Sunday, 12 March 2017

Welcome to my new website

I have recently decided to set up a new website, for a number of reasons (such as my old platform freezing up whenever I wanted to make changes, and wanting to connect my website more closely with my youtube channel. Generally I just wanted more cohesion and simplicity in my online presence.

This desire for 'stripping down' has taken hold in various areas of my life, not just online. Yes I have taken a step back from Facebook, so that I no longer use my personal account - whilst still using the 'pages', 'messenger' and 'groups' apps on my phone in order to stay connected to the things which are important to me. Other areas which I have stripped back on are my home (I have donated a lot of things which I am not using recently), my spending, and even my diet.

These are all things which I will go into more detail with in the future, as well as sharing other things which aren't as personal to me - but which do pertain to my career path. So, stick around if you want to hear more from me. I will be sharing insights into self-help, personal development, coaching & counselling techniques, spirituality, and more. I am also open to suggestions for what I could discuss, so feel free to comment and tell me what you would like to read about.

Thank you for visiting,

A. E.

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