Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Who am I?

Well that is a question which can open up various cans of worms, or be like hitting a brick wall - all depending on how you look at the question. The same is true for how we look at obstacles in our lives, but thats a discussion for another time.

Ok, well let's start with the brick wall answer. "My name is Aaron and I am a 22 year old law graduate, from Durham in the North East of England. I am currently studying to become a Holistic Life Coach and will begin a degree in Counselling in September."

Not very exciting is it?

How about this?
"My name is Aaron, I abandoned a career in law because I became disenchanted by the idea of working to make a big company more money. Instead I want to live my passion of helping people to feel happier, more fulfilled, and with a reinvigorated enthusiasm for life."

Or even this...
"I am in the process of learning techniques to help others grab life by the balls, and find the power to do whatever the f**k they want."

Yes. That sounds a lot more exciting, and is still 100% true. Just goes to show the difference a little reframing can do (a topic I will devote a separate post to in the near future).

These are some other interesting bits of trivia about me, which serve to colour the tapestry that is my personality;
  • I like music, all sorts of music. I can go from Adele, to Neon Trees, to Pvris, and then on to St. Vincent all in one playlist. Variety is the spice of life.
  • ...and I prefer to listen with earphones in, even when alone in the house. I'm overcoming this though with speakers. I'd love a Sonos system to have music playing throughout my home and be able to just go about my business with it being seamless. 
  • I like tea and coffee, but go through phases of which I prefer.
  • I'm not a dog or a cat person, I like both for different reasons and would actually like to have both.
  • I much prefer physical books to digital. I will also never throw away a book if I can help it. I will always pass it on or donate it to charity.
  • Autumn is my favourite season (but only when dry)... and spring my least. I like summer and winter equally.
  • Big spoon, but like to be the little one sometimes.
  • I believe in ghosts - and recent experiences at work have reinforced this.
  • Preferences: Savoury over sweet. cold over heat, veg over meat.
  • ...yes seriously. Even when I was a kid I wouldn't be bothered by sweets and dark chocolate has always been my favourite.
  • I'd rather eat Chinese/Japanese food at Christmas, I am not a fan of the traditional roast.
Well I think that is enough about me for now. I'm sure I'll share more about myself in the future. My instagram account will reveal more about me if you wish to have a snoop around on there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Wishing you well and all kinds of happiness.

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