Sunday, 27 May 2018

"Grill" - #SoCS - 26th May 2018

So, 'Grill'. Right, how can I respond to this?
Look, there I am. Grilling myself. Ha very 'punny'.
OK, let's be sensible here.
Oh, this is going to be interesting. LEt's grill myself as to why I feel I need to be sensible.

Here we go.

So Aaron, why do you feel you need to be sensible?
I think it is because I am worried that people will think I don't have anything important to share. Or that they won't be interested if I just post random rambles. So, as a result, I try to come up with 'interesting' things, rather than things which just interest me. Another effect of this being that I get burned out because it becomes a chore to write/record/post anymore. Maybe that's why my online presence has been quite flaky.

So how does that make you feel?
Disappointed. In myself. I feel like I am not allowing myself to be as free as I could be. Which is strange as my whole mindset when it comes to helping others, is to encourage them to be as free as possible to do whatever they want. Maybe I need to take my own advice and start sharing what really makes me smile, rather than what I think I ought to share.

What are you going to do about it?
I am going to allow myself to make what interests me and share it with the world. I'm going to strive to be more authentic, which will (hopefully) attract my 'tribe'. I'd love to be connected to a bunch of creative, self-reflective, ethical, soulful, lightworker type people. I know that is a very 'woo woo' term, but it does actually speak to the type of people I want to be connected with.

Let's do this.

This post was written in response to the prompt for this week provided by LindaGHill for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

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