I am going to sell all my belongings and backpack around the world…

Well… maybe not, but sounds like a freeing idea doesn’t it.
Recently I stumbled upon the idea of minimalism. I had heard of it before in arbitrary ways, but I had never heard of it in this way. It all started with a few YouTube videos, and spiralled from there. (These are the videos by the way – My top 5 tips for beginners50 things to get rid of in 2018 and this documentary which I watched on Netflix).

I started watching and was instantly hooked. The idea of getting rid of all my clutter, in order to focus on what is important, just made sense. Everyone feels better after having a spring clean and gutting out all of the rubbish, right? So why not apply that to all areas of your life.

Ok, so I have to say here that I am by no means close to being what I would call a minimalist just yet. But I do feel I am in a stage of transition. I am curbing my buying habits – as I was a bit addicted to Amazon – and working through my stuff to get rid of what I don’t need. You don’t realise how much stuff you have until you actually start being thorough in your clearing out. I have started on my clothes, and pared down my wardrobe dramatically (and I still have plenty spare). I am hoping to make another pass over my clothes once the weather has settled down so that I don’t leave myself with only shorts whilst it is lashing down with rain outside.

Also, eBay has become my new best friend. I have started selling off anything of mine which I don’t need/want so it goes to someone who would actually use it. I’m doing this gradually though so I don’t accidentally get rid of something which I then need after posting. Still, the process feels cathartic and freeing. Over time, I hope to get down to just the bare essentials of what I need and use. I already have a good idea of what a few of my big things to keep will be, but all of the little nick-knacks I am struggling with.

I will keep you updated, and would like to know if any of you guys are interested in this mindset. Or even if you think I am making a big mistake. Leave me a comment and share your thoughts.

Bye for now,