My journey to becoming a psychologist

My journey to becoming a psychologist

This year has been a strange year, and there’s no getting away from it. In all of our lives, this pandemic has created a huge sense of upheaval, and we have each had to handle it in our own way. All kinds of aspects of life have been met with challenges; health problems, financial concerns and confusion, lack of opportunities for socialisation, shifts in workloads and ways of working, insecurity, etc.

What I have found helpful is to give myself projects to work on to keep busy. This has helped me change my mindset from one of loss, to one of seeing opportunities. I took the time to finish coursework, decorate, and also to enrol on a Master’s conversion course in Psychology.

Applying to university

I have been interested in Psychology for many years, yet always found I talked myself out of studying it properly. This year I finally decided to follow through on that idea. I originally planned to apply to the University of Sunderland as they offer a conversion course (I have no previous psychology education). Additionally, I have previously visited the campus and found it appealing.

Change of plans

I had almost applied when I happened to look up possible online courses. I was not expecting to find any Master’s conversions which were taught as distance courses. Certainly none conferring graduate basis for membership with the BPS. Yet, I came across the course offered at Northumbria University and couldn’t believe such an opportunity existed. Here was a course where I could study at home, fitting the learning around my shift working commitments, at a university with a good reputation, which would allow me to progress in my idea career path, and the course has been ran online for the past few years – which means it is established and should run smoothly (not merely an ad-hoc change to meet government guidelines).

So I sent off my application.

I only waited a few days before being offered a place, which I immediately accepted.

Getting started

Since then I had successfully applied for funding, enrolled on the course, and began some preliminary reading before starting in January. The first paper to be examined incorporates studies into which external factors affect personality. This has been done to see what variables can make members of the family so distinct in personality – particularly identical twins. While at first I was confused, I became fascinated the more I got into it. Although I was overwhelmed at first, I have gotten interested the more I got into it. This has helped me to start getting my head around the research methods of psychology, and also how to independently study articles at postgraduate level. So I look forward to what else the module, and the course as a whole, has to offer me. I am feeling very enthused and motivated to get started properly.

Wish me luck, and feel free to check out my about page to learn more about me and how I have come to this point in my career. I hope to share more with you as time goes on, so keep checking back on my blog for updates.

Take care!

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